Bassigue (bas·si·gue)
  1. (n.) Basic in vogue
  2. (v.) Don’t underestimate simple--it can be elegant and attractive
One year ago, after living in different countries, Bassigue founders Asli Acar and Gamze Keklik decided to launch a brand that would create a bridge between qualities, design and the cultures they had accumulated in their travels. For them, the brand was an exploration of basic wear in vogue.
Asli studies psychology and journalism at Georgetown University and Gamze studies economics and marketing at The George Washington University. Although they were confident they could use their joint expertise to create the brand, they realized they were missing the design component. 

In their journey, Asli and Gamze asked Mert, who studies graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, to join the team and help them with their designs. After a year of teamwork, Bassigue, launched on July 2016.

Bassigue is known for its effortless, energetic and cool panache that highlights how different styles can create different interactions between people and cultures. It aims to create pieces that can be worn anytime, anywhere.